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  • Mindful May

  • A Thanksgiving Puzzle to Solve

    After the turkey is cooked and served, grace is said, and bellies are full, try this Thanksgiving puzzle to challenge our brains and keep us mentally fit. Can you solve the Thanksgiving puzzle? Created by Silver Sneakers, an organization with the mission to make fitness fun and accessible for the 65+ population. However, all individuals, young and old,  are encouraged to […]

  • Injury: Prevent Before Invent

    Don’t invent a new musculoskeletal injury – Prevent it. Perform the following exercises at your desk to prevent discomfort and injury. Long, stressed hours at your desk can create tight muscles, stiff joints, and decrease circulation. These exercises will relax muscles, increase joint range of motion, and improve circulation.   Bottom Line: Practice each exercise 3 times (unless otherwise stated) and feel better […]