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Injury: Prevent Before Invent

Don’t invent a new musculoskeletal injury – Prevent it. Perform the following exercises at your desk to prevent discomfort and injury. Long, stressed hours at your desk can create tight muscles, stiff joints, and decrease circulation. These exercises will relax muscles, increase joint range of … Continue reading

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Exercise to Reach Your Goals: Part 7

Goal #7 Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life Exercise improves your physical and mental health, decreasing your risk of heart disease and reducing stress and anxiety. Whether you want an intense, heart-pumping cycling class, heavy max-lifting circuit, or simply a brisk walk … Continue reading

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No More Rounded Shoulders – It’s Time to Improve Your Posture!

Upper Crossed Syndrome is characterized by rounding one’s shoulders and drawing his/her head forward, which creates increased cervical extension and scapular protraction and elevation (pulling apart and raising one’s shoulders).  With the rise in technology, this syndrome is becoming increasingly common … Continue reading

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