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Workout Wednesday

Start with your Core: Your Body’s Foundation ¬†I have written several posts about our “core” on this website in the past: muscular structure, function, modifiable exercises, to name a few! Recent experiences with current and prospective clients bring me to … Continue reading

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Core Exercises: Part 1

Local Stabilization System Muscles that attach directly to your vertebrae (spine). Main responsibility: ¬†Intervertebral stability and intersegmental stability…. Stabilize the spine! Additional responsibilities: ¬†Proprioception and postural control Muscles, include: Transverse Abdominis, Internal Obliques, Lumbar Multifidus, Diaphragm, Pelvic Floor How do … Continue reading

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A Core Strengthening Exercise

Specifically, you are activating your transverse abdominis (TVA), a deep inner core muscle. Focus on drawing in your abdominal muscles towards your spine as you slowly raise each arm and/or leg. To minimize stress on your shoulder, point your thumb … Continue reading

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