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  • Test Your Posture: Part 3

    The last post of this three part series will cover your shoulder complex and upper body positioning.  I will discuss the three common postural distortions observed in my clients, and recommend flexibility and strengthening exercises to combat these asymmetries, or muscle imbalances.  Arms Fall Forward Overactive (tight) Muscles Latissimus Dorsi: O –  T7-T12, Iliac Crest (pelvis), Thoracolumbar […]

  • Spin Class Tips

    Before you hop on the bike for your next Spin class, read these tips to maximize your work out and prevent injury. Establish an Aerobic Base To actively participate in a Spinning program, you must be able to perform 30 minutes of light-moderate cardiorespiratory activity (65-75% Heart Rate Max) 5 days per week. Lower Your Shoulders […]