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Happy Halloween!

Whether you “treat” yourself to a rest or “trick” yourself to a workout, here is a Spooktacular exercise to do anywhere you go! M O N S T E R    W A L K S Less Challenging Place resistance band at knee height. Decrease tension of resistance band. More Challenging Place … Continue reading

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Fit Friday

Are you happy with your butt? Do you wish your butt was rounder, fuller, or more firm? While a nice-looking rear end may boost confidence, it is not all about outer beauty – More importantly, your butt muscles aid with balance and prevent injury. … Continue reading

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Test Your Posture: Part 1

Sit up straight! Stand up straight! Shoulders back!  Chest out! Abs in! You have learned the importance of good posture since you were a kid.  But, how do you assess your posture? “Do I have good posture?”  “Do I have poor posture?” … Continue reading

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Core Exercises: Part 2

Global Stabilization System Muscles attach from the pelvis to the spine. Main responsibility:  Transfer weight between the upper body and lower body Additional responsibilities:  Stability between the pelvis and spine, increasing stabilization of the core during functional movements Muscles, include: … Continue reading

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