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  • CORE Fit Friday

    Work Your Core and more! WARM-UP Jumping Rope: 30 seconds Jumping Jacks: 30 seconds Ice Skaters: 1 minute Regression: Perform side steps or curtsy lunge Progression: Add hop with back foot off floor Butt Kicks: 30 seconds (fast tempo) High Knee Touch: 30 seconds (slow tempo) Alternating Groiner (dynamic stretch): 5 – 10 repetitions with 1 – 2 […]

  • Fit Friday

    Are your hips tight after a long week of sitting at your desk all day? 6 Yoga Stretches to Increase Hip Flexibility and Mobility Stabilize your core muscles during each stretch! * BOSU not required. Downward Facing Dog Stretches the back of your legs and opens up your upper back.   Use a BOSU to help promote […]