Additional Health Resources


25 Ways to Move Your Body this Summer

Can Exercise Improve Mental Health?

Can Exercise Improve Mental Health?

To log or not to log. That is the question. utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=article7107

How to Exercise When it is the Last Thing You Want To Do

How to exercise when it’s the last thing you want to do

Are you a “desk jockey” spending countless hours hunched over in front of a computer?

How to Choose the Time of Day to Exercise: Morning or Evening

How to Perform an Abdominal Exercise to Target the Rectus Abdominis


A Different Way to Eat Your Oatmeal: Cold!

The Best and Worst Protein Powders, according to Seattle’s KIRO 7 News

Is Soy Still Beneficial for the Heart?

How to Cure Sugar Cravings


Can difficulty sleeping be a precursor to Alzheimer Disease?

Natural Remedies to Improve Sleep

Motivation & Behavior Change

How do you prepare for a happy, healthy New Year? Set specific, realistic, and attainable goals! Here’s how!

Are you depressed? Mindfulness training just might help, research says!

How to Turn Negativity into Positivity

How to Break Bad Habits and Change Behaviors

Niksen: A Simple Dutch Practice to Relieve Stress

Exercise Yourself Happy



A New Approach to the Common Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

How to Improve Hip, Pelvic, and Low Back Mobility

How to Improve Thoracic Spine Mobility

Children with Special Needs

How a Simple Test Can Help Kids Hear Better

How to Help Children Get Organized Without Nagging

6 Ways to Help a Child Deal with Social Exclusion

5 Ways to Help Teens Think Beyond Themselves

How to Use Minecraft to Help Children with Autism

Active Agers

Fit Seniors Can Have Hearts That Look 30 Years Younger!

Stop believing these exercise myths!

How to Test Your Fitness Level

How do you age well? Lessons from a 105-year-old cyclist

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