Month: February 2019

  • Motivation Monday

    I am so much more than I give myself credit for.  

  • Mindful Monday

    How is your week starting off? What feelings first come to mind? A simple morning routine to prepare your mind and body for a Win. Say nice things to yourself because you’re the only one listening. -Gabrielle Bernstein, author Begin your day with an affirmation in the morning that says, “Today I choose to be ____.” […]

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Today I see and experience love everywhere.

  • Workout Wednesday

    How do I feel like getting my fitness on today? Power through a weight-bearing exercise! Here’s the science behind it: A combination of weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing exercises can be effective training to increase enjoyment, decrease burnout, and prevent injury. Non-weight-bearing exercises, such as cycling, reduce the impact on the body’s (lower extremity) joints and can be […]

  • Monday Motivation

    Monday brings a fresh new start. What goals will you accomplish this week? Think big and aim high – there is power in positive thinking! Make a list and try to break down your goals by daily tasks. What small things can you accomplish that will bring you closer to your objective? -The Today Show