Month: November 2018

  • Therapy Thursday

  • Get Grateful: Gratitude Writing Challenge – Day 4

    Celebrate the small things that happen. What happens in your life without you having to think about it? The sun rises and sets, your eyes blink, you heart beats, you can hear the sound of your alarm, you can go for a walk. What were you thanked for today or recently? Someone appreciated you, it’s […]

  • Get Grateful: Gratitude Writing Challenge – Day 3

    Tap into your senses. What do you love to eat? What do you love to see? What do you love to smell? What do you love to hear? What do you love to touch? Food, drinks, movies, flowers, coffee, music, that one cute word your son or daughter says wrong, your cozy blanket, your comfy […]

  • Get Grateful: Gratitude Writing Challenge – Day 2

    What are you grateful for that is around you? Your physical surroundings (such as a house, car, country, city or state), external surroundings (such birds chirping, sun shining, rain falling) or emotional surroundings (such as the love you feel for or from someone). Walk yourself through the past 24 hours in detail and make a […]

  • Get Grateful: Gratitude Writing Challenge – Day 1

    What did you do today that you felt good or you enjoyed? Today was an exciting day! I planned my first hike as Event Organizer for my hiking group, King County Hiking and Mountaineering Group. I escaped from my comfort zone in two ways: stepped up to the role of group leader and hiked on a rainy, […]

  • Gratitude

    What are you grateful for this year? How will you express your gratitude? Gratitude is good medicine. — Robert A. Emmons, professor of psychology at UC Davis 10 Reasons to Practice an Attitude of Gratitude, year round Gratitude Empowers You Visit, which is an “online sanctuary” designed to foster grateful living. It can be very […]

  • A Thanksgiving Puzzle to Solve

    After the turkey is cooked and served, grace is said, and bellies are full, try this Thanksgiving puzzle to challenge our brains and keep us mentally fit. Can you solve the Thanksgiving puzzle? Created by Silver Sneakers, an organization with the mission to make fitness fun and accessible for the 65+ population. However, all individuals, young and old,  are encouraged to […]

  • Workout Wednesday

    Have you ever experienced Flow? A state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience is so enjoyable that people will continue to do it at great cost, for the sheer sake of doing it. -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1990) What is Flow? Complete concentration on the task Clarity if goals and reward in mind and […]

  • Kindness and Gratitude Calendar

    30 DAY CHALLENGE How to be kind and express gratitude?  Print, post, and practice one positive act a day!  

  • Soothing Saturday

    Add some spice to your soothing Saturday this weekend! Today and tomorrow only Plant Therapy will be including a  Complimentary 10 mL Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil with purchase of $35.00 or more.  Spice up your Saturday Cinnamon boasts several health benefits, including: Weight loss Pain relief Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease   Reduced blood sugar in Diabetics