FUNdraising Friday

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Base 2 Space: Climb to Fight Cancer

Help me reach my fundraising goal! I need to raise a minimum of $175 to climb the Seattle Space Needle on Sunday, September 30, 2018.

Robin’s Fundraising Page

What is my donation supporting?

The Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center. For more information, please visit

Why support Robin Luthi’s Base 2 Space Climb?

From my grandfather’s colon cancer diagnosis in the early 1990s to my uncle’s prostate cancer diagnosis just over 10 years ago, cancer has impacted the lives of people near and dear to me. While my grandfather’s cancer spread to his liver and passed away in 1992, my uncle was able to beat prostate cancer. Cancer is a scary little devil and can come in so many shapes and sizes, affecting both unhealthy and healthy individuals. Fortunately, cancer research is continuously expanding and new technologies and treatments are developed every year… with the help of individuals like you!

Every dollar counts. $1, $10, $50, or $100+ will be very much appreciated by myself, the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, and every person living with cancer today.

*If you are searching for a new fitness challenge or  an event to restart your exercise routine, come climb with me. With my personal training background, I would be happy to plan a fun and free training program for you!

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