Month: December 2014

  • Exercise to Reach Your Goals: Part 6

    Goal #6 Learn Something New Add exercise to your daily routine and improve your learning processes! Recent research found that cardiovascular activity increases attention span, improves reading comprehension, and boosts memory.  Further, exercise increases dopamine activity in your brain, contributing to increased focus and concentration.  Are you studying for a big upcoming exam? Hit the […]

  • Exercise to Reach Your Goals: Part 5

    Goal #5 Earn More, Save More Do you want a higher paycheck? Exercise! Employees who committed to an exercise program (weight-lifting or cardiovascular training) witnessed a 6 to 10% salary increase compared to their colleagues who did not exercise.  Further, morning or afternoon exercisers are less likely to be stressed, and happier, more productive employees: all attributes […]

  • Exercise to Reach Your Goals: Part 4

    Goal #4 Stop Smoking Have you tried to quit smoking and received no luck? Exercise! Physical activity can help you effectively manage nicotine withdrawal and prevent relapse. In addition, exercise will lower your risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other chronic health diseases linked to a sedentary lifestyle. The next time you want to […]

  • Exercise to Reach Your 2015 Goals: Part 3

    Goal #3 Fall in Love Fall in love with exercise? No! But, regular exercise will increase your self-esteem and libido (for both men and women). Lorenz and Meston (2014) found a stronger positive impact on satisfaction when women performed 20 to 30 minutes exercise sessions before sexual activity. And, you might just happen to meet your special someone […]

  • Exercise to Reach Your 2015 Goals: Part 2

    Goal #2 Eating Healthier Recent research connects regular exercise to healthy diet choices.  However, you need to be aware of how many calories you burn during each exercise session and how many calories you consume after your workout. Oftentimes, people think they are burning more calories and justify consuming excess food, which interferes with their weight loss […]

  • Exercise to Reach Your 2015 Goals: Part 1

    Goal #1 Losing Weight Exercise can facilitate a weight loss program, however you cannot neglect diet. Increase your cardiovascular activity to burn excess calories. Perform 150 minutes of light to moderate cardiovascular activity each week (30 minutes, 5 days per week) to start your aerobic program.  After 4 to 6 weeks, incorporate high intensity interval […]

  • How To Have A Stress-Free Holiday Season

    What gift to I get for this person? Do I need to get a gift for that person? Which recipe should I prepare for tomorrow night’s party? Will the entire family get along and bring a peaceful holiday dinner? While the holiday season is a good time to visit with friends and family, help the less fortunate, […]