Month: March 2013

  • How to Think Positively

    In life, we are all faced with challenge and failure as they are essential to reaching success and our greatest potential.  However, oftentimes, we go overboard and beat ourselves up for our failures, dwelling on the negative.   We need to allow ourselves to focus on the positive in our lives, and start to even the balance. […]

  • 5 Principles to Create an Effective Exercise Program

    Incorporate the exercise principles below into your workouts this weekend! 1. MAKE A DECISION AND BEGIN Get started now! If you are starting out for the very first time, start small with simple choices and goals.  Develop a “master plan” for later when your body is ready for a well-developed, more complex exercise plan. Remember:  Decisions are not […]

  • 30+ Reasons To Go To The Gym!

    There are no more excuses! Get Up, Get Out, and Get to the Gym! Your body will thank you! Here’s why: You will wake up feeling motivated, not deflated. Your clothes will fit better. You will keep up with your kids (or pet dog) is easier. You will get rid of lower back pain. You will have more […]

  • Eating Healthy Can Save You Money!

    People often choose to eat unhealthy foods because they think eating healthy is “too expensive” – Wrong! Eating healthy can actually save you money! Take a look at the info graphic below for some quick tips about how to eat healthy and on a budget! Be Active! Be Healthy! Be YOU!

  • Daily Workout #13 – Simple Lower Body Circuit!

    Daily Workout #13 Short on time today? Here is a simple, quick lower body circuit that will get you moving, blood flowing, burning calories, and feeling great! Leg Extensions 3 x 15 Front Squats 3 x 15 Lunges with optional rotation, holding DB or MB 3 x 15 Stiff Leg Dead Lifts – Avoid locking out your knees! […]

  • Inspirational Quotes for 2013 and Beyond!

    As 2013 passes by, here are 12 inspirational quotes that apply to all areas of life! Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. – Napolean Hill The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear. – Brian […]

  • Friday Workout Challenge!

    Here’s a fun, challenging workout to end your week and begin an active, healthy weekend! How many plank push-ups can you perform in 2 minutes? * Remember:  Focus on you form! Shoulders down and away from ears Squeeze shoulder blades together Maintain a tight core, drawing in abdominals toward spine and lifting hips