Month: October 2012

  • Happy Halloween!

    Just a quick “check-in” post and friendly reminder today… HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have fun and be safe! Stay tuned for more nutrition tips, healthy recipes, fitness tips, and new exercises coming next month! For those fitness enthusiasts and fitness novices who live in Marin, I will be starting a new Cycle and Core Class at Tiburon Peninsula Club, Tuesday at 6:00PM on November 6th! Come […]

  • A Seasonal and Healthy Smoothie to Mix Up this Fall!

    I just stumbled across this recipe for a protein smoothie, which will make a perfect treat for this time of the year! You may begin serving it at your Halloween party next week – perhaps, at the end toss in some grapes to simulate slimy eyeballs… And, you can continue serving it throughout November (minus the […]

  • A Fast Yoga Fix to Amp Your Energy!

    For this week’s energy boosting tip, here are four poses to perform as a sequence – Aim for two to five times per week.  Try performing these poses when you wake up each morning before you begin your morning routine – You will feel more energized and alive throughout your day! 1.  PLANK Begin on […]

  • Let’s Keep Moving this Weekend!

    On a Friday or the weekend, it can be especially difficult to get motivated for a workout… But just get it done. The sooner you start your workout, the sooner you can relax! Have a great, active weekend!  Let’s move!!

  • Core Exercise of the Week!

    My apologies for my one day tardiness for this week’s “Tight Tuesday” post… Life happens!  I’m know all of you can relate! This week’s core exercise targets the internal and external oblique muscles (side abdominal muscles). Start position:  Standard Plank (on your elbows); Exact terminology is Prone Iso-Ab Motion:  As you draw-in your naval towards your spine and tighten your core […]

  • Not Just Your Average Morning Latte… or, “Pick Me Up!”

    Want more in your morning cup of coffee… something that will not only wake you up but also keep you satiated (fill your tummy)? Hate that tummy ache you get when you drink coffee on an empty stomach? The solution?  Whey Protein Powder!  Just 1 – 2 tablespoons of whey protein powder mixed in your coffee along with a splash of milk tastes […]

  • What to do this weekend…

    … Sprint Interval Training! A new study from the University of Colorado found that people can burn as many as 200 extra calories in as little as 2.5 minutes of concentrated effort a day – But, they need to perform longer periods of recovery in between the intense periods. This finding is especially beneficial for exercise novices who often […]

  • Thirsty?

    Here’s a morning shake to quench that thirst and decrease inflammation! Per The Doctor’s segment on television this afternoon, add these ingredients to your morning shake and enjoy the health benefits! Cantaloupe Carrots Chia seeds Ginger Tumeric* Glutamine* * Glutamine is a non essential amino acid that helps the lining of your gut.  Additionally, it is very effective […]

  • High Intensity Interval Training Work Out…

    This week’s “HIIT Day Wednesday” post features an example of a killer interval training regimen, which can be performed with multiple mediums at any gym – running on the treadmill, cycling/spinning, elliptical, and even weights! I am recommending Tabata Intervals.  Yes, this form of interval training is widely discussed in the fitness literature and can be considered […]

  • It’s Time to Stabilize!

    Today’s post is about the functional importance of the core musculature.  Both, local stabilizers and global stabilizers, aid by keeping our spines stable and aligned and our core muscles tight throughout all of our movement patterns.  The core is our center of gravity (COG), the origin site of all our movements.  Specifically, the local stabilizers perform drawing-in maneuver and the global stabilizers perform bracing. Drawing-In Maneuver […]